Be Yourself

Remember playing Follow the Leader? The key was to copy everything that the leader was doing. What about Simon Says? The goal is to do everything that Simons says to do or you are out. Both of these games you are doing something others do or tell you to do. As we grow up many … Continue reading Be Yourself


Contentment Week 2

What are some of the things that can keep us from being content? Write down a list of what is keeping you from being content then for the rest of the week pray that the Lord would help you in these areas, then on Saturday tear the list up and give it to Jesus.



A reflection isn't perfect. Other things can get in the way and distort it. Unless the lake is completely still you can't get a mirror image of the trees and sky. That image is gone once the wind picks up or a stone is thrown into it. When we look into the mirror the reflection … Continue reading Reflection