We laugh for different reasons. Sometimes it is because you live with a teen that loves to make puns. Maybe because of a good comedy or comedian made you laugh.  Someone told you about a situation that they were in that you just doubled over in laughter. Then there is that nervous laughter you get … Continue reading Laughter

Facing the Giant of FEAR

Lisa Preuett~Rest Stop for the Soul

A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel.

My husband, daughter and I stood in awe on the top of Mt. Azekah overlooking the valley of Elah. This was the place where David killed Goliath! Trying to wrap my head around what took place here, I tried to envision David coming face-to-face with the one who taunted him. Threatened him. Dared him to come one step closer.

Ted, one of our teaching pastors had just walked us through this historical event.  Pulling nuggets of truth from scripture, he took us back in time to what played out that day. He finally challenged us to identify the giants in our own lives. 

The things that taunt us. The things that ignite fear, leaving us paralyzed.

How will we respond when we come face-to-face with these giants?

Just four hours after our group hiked back down Mt. Azekah, I’d be forced to answer that question.

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Lie For Me

When you get married you never expect to hear your husband ask you to lie for him. He is supposed to be your knight in shining armor ready to protect you from all harm. At least that is the dream most of us have as we walk down the aisle. Sarai thought the same when … Continue reading Lie For Me