Who Me?

I have always liked writing. Even in school I enjoyed creative writing. Due to some negative push back on my writing I just stopped.

There were some girls in school that made fun of me because I always got good grades for what I wrote.  Teacher’s pet is what they would say when they saw me.

At a church, I was going to they asked for ladies to write devotionals for the women’s blog site. There was a couple of us that offered. The ladies in charge decided one of them would do it.

I valued the opinion of those ladies, I asked them to let me know what they thought about a book I was writing.  They came back there was a book on that subject that was really good, so I shouldn’t waste my time. That is when I stopped writing.

When God asked me to start writing for Him about 11years ago, I followed two examples in the Bible. Examples of being a reluctant leader. Moses with his excuses. Jonah running and hiding from what God wanted him to do.

Following Moses

I did everything Moses did. Brought up the past of what others said about my writing. He still pursued. A friend of mine is better. That didn’t fly. Then I did the homeschool mom thing and said really no time. I started waking up in the middle of the night with things to write going through my head. You can’t excuse your way out of what God wants you to do.

Following Jonah

At the same time that I was following Moses, I also did the Jonah thing. I was a Bible study group for a couple different groups online. When I decided to go with another group I left the first group because it was turning into more of a counseling one on one thing. With this other group I was able to write what I got out of the study and encouraged the ladies in the group to so the same.

This was going well. I could hide behind someone else doing the major writing. Until the storm hit within the leadership. Then several of the ladies asked me to jump ship and lead them on my own. I knew this is what God has been asking me to do all along.  I agreed and swam towards the Lighthouse.

I have truely been blessed walking in God’s will. Like He did with Moses, has always given me the words to say.  He has blessed me with a lot of support and new friends through writing.

So, what has God asked you to do and you are being reluctant in doing it? Stop fighting with Him because you won’t win. Jump in and do it. You will be blessed in doing so.

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