Who Me?

I have always liked writing. Even in school I enjoyed creative writing. Due to some negative push back on my writing I just stopped. There were some girls in school that made fun of me because I always got good grades for what I wrote.  Teacher's pet is what they would say when they saw … Continue reading Who Me?

Five Minute Friday-For Them, I Speak

You #speak Lisa!

Authentic Truths

What a fabulous prompt following this week of passionate speaking- on subjects that are so controversial that I can almost see Satan laughing through most every reply out there.

I thought about doing some research in scripture to help me out here, but my heart says, “As if you need research to know.” No, I do not require research to know what I have witnessed in escalation over the last week falls out of the parameters of love.

I am going to go there, and I only ask that you give me the rest of these four minutes.

I realize we may have an unskilled President when it comes to publicly speaking (I honestly thought he would never be elected with his rambunctious comments, but that is a different post)- I sat in a room of pastors yesterday sharing my views on our current state, and they agreed. This may…

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