Jeremiah 10 Applied

In the closing of Jeremiah 10 we see a prayer from Jeremiah for those who have walked away from the Lord. Take the time and write out a prayer to God for those who need to come to salvation in Jesus.

Who Is God?

Jeremiah lays out in the first few verses what God is not: A piece of wood, carved into an image, covered in gold or silver, and fastened into place by hammer and nails to protect it from falling. These idols are like scarecrows, they do not have a brain. Which means they do not speak … Continue reading Who Is God?

God’s Ways

When I pass by an abandoned house on a road trip I like to imagine what life was like inside the crumbling walls. Then I start wondering what caused the people to leave. Jerusalem was left desolated not just the buildings but the land. God turned His back on Judah since they had turned their back … Continue reading God’s Ways