It’s A Boy

Just as He said, God visited Sarah and opened her womb. So at 90-years-old Sarah had a baby boy and Abraham was 100. I wonder as she was going through childbirth if her focus was on the promise God had given her to get through the pain? Did she get to the point where she … Continue reading It’s A Boy

Not Again!

One would think Abraham and Sarah had learned their lesson back in Egypt when they got caught in the lie about Sarah being his sister. Well, guess again. As they enter Gerar, Abraham feared for his life this time from King Abimelech.  So one more time he asked Sarah to lie again to save his life. OK, … Continue reading Not Again!


We laugh for different reasons. Sometimes it is because you live with a teen that loves to make puns. Maybe because of a good comedy or comedian made you laugh.  Someone told you about a situation that they were in that you just doubled over in laughter. Then there is that nervous laughter you get … Continue reading Laughter